SYMBIoT is the intelligent IoT core for smart, resilient, future-proof accommodation. It provides total cloud-based residence control direct from any mobile device, through API interaction and set-up.

SYMBIoT controls climate, lighting, blinds, TV and audio equipment. It can be expanded to include numerous other devices, such as cookers, fridge-freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, security cameras and many more.

The revolutionary room control hardware utilises in-room sensors to return and control signals, diagnose maintenance issues and monitor other user-defined requirements.


// Check information / ratings / availability. // Make payment & check in.


// Use mobile device as a room key. // Control lights, TV, climate, blinds and many other devices using a smartphone or an in-room tablet. // Communication to guest services via in-room tablet using SYMBIoT Communication Protocol.


Check out from own mobile device or the in-room tablet.

Door Control
Control Lights
Control Blinds
Control TV
Call Reception

SYMBIoT lets you control the elements of a room from a mobile device or fixed in-room tablet.

Operational Efficiency

  • 3-level resilience – can work without local network or Broadband connection
  • Security encryption – SSL Wildcard protection for peace of mind
  • Simple architecture for new build and retrofit
  • Web-based protocols
  • Guest communications effective and inexpensive: No remote, no keys, no switches, no phones
  • Housekeeping efficiencies – Room status management
  • In-room diagnostics – BMS / Maintenance / Room Availability
  • No License – Building Setup
  • Brand Association – High Quality – Samsung, Salto, Artemide
  • Recipe-led – Behaviour patterns recognised and repeated


The solution is a combination of hardware, sensors, networks and communication protocols which provide efficient guest experience as well as improved operating efficiency.

It facilitates device control and information exchange and aggregation in a secure, stable and scalable fashion.

Aggregation and data presentation can be plotted from lightbulb through to plant room and flags and signals be sent to ‘mission control,’ for execution management. We are working with the auto manufacturing world and F1 engineers to find the best route to achieve results that have been in place for much longer. 

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